Trendy After 50

I've Lived to see Decades Worth of Trends.

Six Staples Pieces I'll Never Ditch.

1. Sneakers - A pair of sneakers is a great way to change the style of an outfit.  It tones down formal outfits and provides the 'fashion factor'

2. A luxurious Pair of Trousers - Perferably black trousers! They can be dressed up or down.  It can be part of a layered look (under oversized white shirt or sweater)

3. A Great Looking Blazer - They are versatile enough to pair with track pants or skirts

4. Classic White Shirt - The white shirt needs no explanation. It's the basic piece that everyone needs. You can never have enough white shirts.

5. Plenty of Accessories - I love bracelets, rings, earrings and necklaces. The more the merrier. I love wearing tons of bracelets and hoop earrings. They add a pop to whatever I'm wearing

6. Give Me My Big Shades - A big pair of sunglasses can hide a multitude of sins. Too lazy to do make-up? One can easily hide behind a stunning pair of shades. I have a big black pair that is quite chic. "Hide behind the shades I say."

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